British Conservative Party said it would announce the new party on September 9 (Figure)

The date of the appointment of 6 British Prime Minister Cameron's successor will be postponed until September 9
According to the results of the referendum, the United Kingdom has voted to withdraw from the EU. British Prime Minister David Cameron then said he would resign from the prime minister. Photo: Cameron in Downing Street on the 10th outside the door to give a speech. According to foreign media reports, the British Conservative Party on the 28th, the appointment of 6 British Prime Minister Cameron successor of the date will be postponed to September 9. "(Conservative Party) Committee and the 1922 Committee are of the view that the party elections should be conducted as soon as practicable," the Conservative Party's e-mail statement said. "In order to ensure full participation of members, the (conservative) Party committee has proposed to announce the date of the presidential election on September 9, 2016." The committee had previously proposed to announce the appointment of the party leader no later than September 2. The committee did not disclose the reasons for the delay.

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